Larraby Farm Beef

As a result of customer demand, Reids of Norwich is pleased to offer our subsequent branded beef range, Larraby Farm.

Very consistent in quality with our Ronee Premium brand, but produced at an alternative factory, Larraby Farm beef is manufactured solely from high grade cattle hinds, using only UTM animals of O+ Grade or higher.

Product Description Topside, Silverside, Knuckles, D Rumps, 5kg Strips, 6kg Strips, 7kg Strips, Fillets CH/OFF, 80VL Trims, Rib Eyes, Heels, Shins
Ingredient Declaration 100% beef
Calibrated Sizes Available 65-85kg Pistola Hinds (Young Bull), 0+, U, R Grade Cattle, 2-3 fat cover
Pack format Vac pac
Pack Sizes Available Approx. 15-20kg
Shelf life 28-35 Days, PH tested
Storage Chilled – 0⁰C to +4⁰C
Allergen Declaration None
Country of Origin Poland
Delivery Chilled – 0⁰C to +4⁰C
Product Delivery Temperature Chilled – 0⁰C to +4⁰C
Product suitable for Coeliac
Product NOT suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, HALAL, Kosher and Organic.

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