Ronee Beef

Within our beef range we can offer our very own “Ronee Premium” branded beef, produced exclusively from high grade cattle hinds, using only UTM animals of O+ Grade or higher.

Approved under a supervised, stringent selection process to butchery specifications, we are proud to say Ronee Premium is the best quality beef to come out of Poland.

Product Description Topside, Silverside, Knuckles, D Rumps, 5kg Strips, 6kg Strips, 7kg Strips, Fillets, 80VL Trims, Rib Eyes, Heels, Shins
Ingredient Declaration 100% beef
Calibrated Sizes Available 65-85kg Pistola Hinds (Young Bull), 0+, U, R Grade Cattle, 2-3 fat cover
Pack format Vac pac
Pack Sizes Available Approx. 15-20kg
Shelf life 28-35 Days, PH tested
Storage Chilled – 0⁰C to +4⁰C
Allergen Declaration None
Country of Origin Poland
Delivery Chilled – 0⁰C to +4⁰C
Product Delivery Temperature Chilled – 0⁰C to +4⁰C
Product suitable for Coeliac
Product NOT suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, HALAL, Kosher and Organic.

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