Archives: Team members

Barrie Franklin

Having previously built strong relationships with the team at Reid’s of Norwich at his former employment in the food trading industry, Barrie joined our team initially assisting the transportation department.

With his skills and knowledge in the food/meat trading industry he is now a vital part of the trading team.

Tom Mawford

Tom is one of our established and trusted salesman.

He excels in fighting for his customer’s needs and does not accept poor service or quality, so if you are looking for someone to deliver your meat needs, give Tom a call.

Craig Whitworth

Craig joins us with a wealth of experience managing food logistics solutions; he’s established his position in the company as our “Supply Chain Manager” thus bringing greater efficiency to our logistics management from the factory gate to the customer’s front door. So, if you want it in a hurry give him a call!

David Mertl

David is responsible for the administration of both the sales and purchase ledger. He has also demonstrated a keen interest and aptitude in IT. Thank goodness someone has!

Lisa Allard

Lisa’s enthusiasm and cheerful character shines through with both colleagues and customers alike. Following an already firmly established business relationship and being a Spanish speaker she’s consolidated our ties in Spain and South America. Lisa is based in Tenerife, which means that the weather is never discussed and we’re very thankful for the invention of Skype!

Richard Glover

Richard is our red meat man! He possesses a wide-ranging knowledge of meat production, developed over many years of working the factory floor through to managing fully integrated factories. He controls all beef procurement, red meat sales, specifications, and monitoring the production within all Reid’s of Norwich approved beef partners.

Robert Spence

Export is Robert’s passion, whether it be chicken paws to China or wings to Spain – no distance is too far! Robert has vast experience in the poultry industry working in partnership with many of the UK’s leading poultry slaughter houses providing them with an open gateway to the export markets around the world.

Gareth Long

Gareth joined John at the start of the business following an already firmly established business relationship which now spans over 15 years. He manages all things financial and ensures the services provided are all fully kept in check and accounted for.

John Reid

In a previous life John trained as an accountant but it soon became evident that his passion fell outside the use of an abacus! An entrepreneurial flair, coupled with a knack for buying and selling lead John into the world of commodity trading some 25 years ago, but it was his love of good food and cooking which eventually steered him into the food service industry. The rest, as they say, is history!